2000 m2

Ethias relies on Design Plus for its new offices in the Spectrum building

Different. Pure. Honest. Responsible.

For its future headquarters in Brussels, Ethias is taking the lead and adopting new codes in line with a world in full reinvention.

From May 2021 onwards, Ethias will welcome its management teams, clients and visitors to the two floors of the Spectrum building in the heart of Brussels in spaces that are resolutely oriented towards harmony and naturalness. With and for them, the Design & Build agency Design Plus has imagined a working and meeting environment that combines the elegance and simplicity of a modern art gallery with the instinctive warmth of noble natural materials. Between wood, concrete, transparency and natural light, the journey from one space to the next will be intuitive, fluid and soothing.

The return to the essentials is also reflected in Ethias’ deliberate choice to include its project in a circular economy approach, by reallocating some of its existing furniture and equipment and by choosing to use cradle-to-cradle labelled materials.

With this project, Ethias and Design Plus prove that interior design can also speak volumes about a company’s values and social commitments.